From bad to worse

Today I came home from school to the arrival of a very scary looking letter. Printed on the front of the letter was the Kingston University logo.

I applied to Kingston University for their Art and Design foundation diploma. They asked me to drop off my portfolio with them for three days. I had to drive all the way up there and leave it for three days…. and they rejected me.

In a way I kind of knew I wouldn’t get in, but I figured I was more likely to get into Kingston than Manchester, my first choice. After my Manchester interview I’m not feeling too positive. I don’t know whether its a case of me not wanting to get my hopes up and then be rejected, or if I really feel that I’m not going to get in. I will hopefully get into Rochester, but I’m really not keen on going there. Truth is I want to get as far away as possible. Rochester may mean me living at home. Once all my friends are gone to different places I can see myself spending most of my time alone.

I just feel so confused. Everyone else has their offers already but I’m just floating in space waiting for something to happen.

To make it even worse I got a call from work today. Up until now it seems the recession hadn’t really hit home for me, but Joe informed me that my Thursday night shift is being cut. It will be cutting around a third of my wages, which means getting a second job. 

I’m pretty gutted to be honest, but in a way its going to be a new adventure. I’m applying to some pubs around locally, along with some restaurants. If I can get afternoon shift a couple of nights a week then it should give me a little more money. Although less time for studying. I’ll just have to become a social recluse.

Tomorrow I’ll be trawling the high street for jobs. I hope I can get a job somewhere nice, will be an interesting change to my currently mundane life of sleeping, eating, working and studying. Oh, and blogging. That should add a little spice to everything. 



~ by franhaselden on February 6, 2009.

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