Where is my snow?

On the 31st of January 1991 at around 7am a great event occurred. A little girl named Francesca entered the world.

The following day the snow began to fall.

A touching story really. The week I was born was the heaviest snow fall since 1963. It lasted for weeks and many people couldn’t get to work. My family had a difficult time coming to visit me at home because of the heavy snow. I have since come up with a theory that the type of weather you were born into is the type of weather you most enjoy. I love the snow, and the cold.

View from Judd Road into town

View from Judd Road into town

Interestingly, last Saturday I turned 18. The following day the snow began falling at around 10 am and didn’t stop until Monday night. It has been described as the ‘heaviest snow in 18 years’. I have never been able to enjoy ‘proper’ snow before and it is such a nice thought that the week I turn into an ‘adult’ the same event occurs as when I was born 🙂

On Monday I trudged through the snow, in my big furry snow boots. It was so irritating, having to get all the way to school only to be sent back again. Me and my friend Josh went down to the park for a snow ball fight, which quickly became boring after we both realised that running and aiming at the same time is actually rather difficult; we ended up in the pub.

Josh playing in the snow

Josh playing in the snow

On Wednesday night me and Mum travelled up to Manchester for my MMU Interview. The snow was beginning to settle but soon the rain came and washed it all away. We heard lots of news about the south being hit again, but when we returned on Thursday night all our glorious snow had melted. There is nothing apart from the odd line of sludge down the side of the road and the lumps of dirty ice with carrots and scarves melted into them, which I believe are the remnants of snow men.

I’ve heard rumours that we are due even more snow this evening, but so far I’ve seen nothing. Its rather disappointing really. It ended rather too quickly. I didn’t even have an excuse to not go to work on Sunday as I booked the day off.

I’m now off to check the weather report. I do not want to get my hopes up for nothing. Seeya.


~ by franhaselden on February 6, 2009.

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