Life is worth living..

… is the caption my ICT teacher has chosen to go on the back of our hoodies for the Hayesbrook Ski trip next week. I’m so friggin’ excited! 

Me and Cat went shopping for our last few bits and pieces. I already have salopettes, a jacket, two pairs of gloves, five pairs of socks, ear muffs, thermal leggings, thermal vests and a fleece.


Little wooly hat

Little wooly hat

Yesterday I bought the coolest hats. I have been searching for one of those ear-flap wooly bobble head ones for ages, but they all seem to be so expensive. I found some for £3 each – so I bought two! A little white one and a similar black one.


I can’t wait for skiing now, although I am worried as I have managed my diet rather well the last few days, but I know that there is going to be naughty food and alcohol available in excess on this holiday. Hopefully the hours spent on the slopes should offset the calories 😛

I also started making my final project for technology today. Had a day off school but went in from about 12-5pm and got a lot done. I’ll take some photos for anyone interested in mitre joints and routers… not many then….



~ by franhaselden on February 10, 2009.

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