Tell Me A Secret?


I recently ran a project where I asked some fellow internet users to tell me their secrets. I asked on a forum, expecting about 10 stupid replies. The thread is now running at 568 posts, with over 20,000 views. 

I thought it would be nice to post some of the secrets on here. I haven’t selected them all because there are sadly just too many, you can view the thread here.

I constantly feel inadequate              I sometimes feel like I am wasting my life, but lack the confidence to do anything about it.

I once had a strong and spontaneous impulsion to kiss a guy           my mother is an alcoholic

I’m more scared of suffering post-natal depression than I am about all the pain of childbirth.        I haven’t had anything to eat since Sunday night and I’m too scared to ask for help.

I feel happier being away from my friends and family since going to university than i have been for a long time            I say the therapy worked but it really didn’t.

I’ve had boyfriends when I was younger but I’ve still never kissed a guy. Everyone just assumes I have.                 I cried when i saw dragonheart 

I probably have better conversations with people I talk to online than I do with people I can actually see.             My dad has spent so many years making up stories about phantom illnesses, that i’m still not going to be 100% sure he has cancer until he begins to get ill from the treatment.

Most of my sexual fantasies involve Shrek characters.                     I have the tendency to please people too much, to the point I always end up getting hurt.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and don’t recognise who I am.                  I’m scared that I might not be as good and intelligent as my brother is.


This is just a tiny fraction of the posts. I found lots of people really enjoyed the release of telling secrets. A lot of people realised they had something in common with others. I found it really put my own problems into perspective.

Again, if you want to read the full thread please click 

~ by franhaselden on February 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Tell Me A Secret?”

  1. cool sitename man)))
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  2. I think you would enjoy the blog

    (I was randomly scooting around TSR and accidentally clicked some link in your signature and I ended up here, in case you were curious as to how I found your blog).

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