I can’t believe it!

I’m going to be an MMU student!

I’d applied to MMU for their Foundation in Art and Design course for September a while ago. I was lucky enough to get an interview but thought I had no chance due to the fact that I am not an Art student and that the course leader appeared to hate me.

I ended up looking round MMU by chance. We were visiting Sheffield Hallam to look at their extended degree, and had seen that Man Met, who also ran a foundation course, had their open day the day after. I thought I should have a look at as many places as possible so we went for a visit.

The place was just amazing. Having looked around Sheffield and having seen what a brilliant city it was I was expecting Manchester to be dire. However the area the Art school (which the university is built around) is in was very pleasant, and the course just blew me away. It seemed as though it was tailor-made for me. We enjoyed a large talk in one of the lecture theatres (hosted by a Robbie Coltrane lookalike) where they discussed the history of the Art school and even showed film from the 1920s at the school. It looked a lot of fun even back then!

So I applied, and got an interview for January. I attended and was petrified. When I saw the other students with their mammoth canvases and fantastic drawings I was even more sure that I just wasn’t up to scratch, and when the course leader replied to my innocent remark ‘I spoke to you on the open day!’ with ‘Yeah, you and a million other people’ I was certain that they would not be offering me a place!

On the 13th February I attended another interview for UCA Rochester, a local ex-poly. I liked it, but I still knew that Manchester was the place for me. However, they offered me a place and I took it, figuring that I’d rather go somewhere than no where.

So I am now accepting a place to two universities! I will have to write to UCA and tell them I have changed my mind. I feel rather awful, but I hope they can offer the place to someone else.

Now I must go do a dance around the living room in celebration.


~ by franhaselden on March 16, 2009.

One Response to “I can’t believe it!”

  1. Congratulations!

    Nice blog btw.

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