Arosa 09

I realise this is a bit late, OK, very late! But I drafted it a while ago and haven’t got round to finishing it off!

Well I guess you could say I have found my new passion in life!

We left for Arosa, Switzerland on Friday the 13th of February. Ominous, I know. The coach journey (yes! COACH!) took us just shy of 20 hours, not including the 20 minutes hike up the hill to the hotel.

I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place so breathtaking. It might be my love of snow and winter that made it so exciting for me, but even the frozen waterfall on the train to the mountain town was amazing. And the horse and carts that take you up the mountain to your hotel (for a fee!)

The Ski school was not as bad as I thought it would be, and by the last day I was happily doing parallel turns down the biggest slope. A friend of mine managed to fall off the chairlift, or at least fall off while she was trying to exit it, and I also managed to throw a T-Bar lift at an angry German woman (my defense is that she was standing directly in my way, and didn’t seem to respond to ‘MOOOOVE!’) By the end of the holiday I was successfully poking people with my ski poles to get out of my way on the chairlift queue.

I have to say one thing I found strange was sharing a room with people, and generally being with people for most of my spare time. It was really nice to have someone by my side for the week. I am so used to being on my own! I shared a room with two girls who I had never met before, and despite them being a little ‘high maintenance’ for my liking we got on well. One night we even had a visit from a sleepwalking girl who said she needed a wee and proceeded to climb into our wardrobe and pull her knickers down. Luckily we escorted her out and down the hall to the toilets before she had a chance to do her business in my helmet. We did enjoy pointing her out at breakfast and calling her ‘weeing girl’ although I don’t think she remembered much.

All in all the visit really blew me away, and my love for German sausage and fried potato has grown immensely! Sadly the inclusion of a gherkin in ever sandwich (as is the Swiss way, I am told) was not so welcome.

Au revoir!

The best ski group ever!

The best ski group ever!


~ by franhaselden on April 10, 2009.

One Response to “Arosa 09”

  1. Always have has great fun in Arosa. It is a magical place, and fortunately not overrun with Americans (like us), at least not yet.

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