Summer is here: Sunbathing, watermelons and pond life

I’ve officially finished my exams, the sun is officially shining (well, not right now, but it is half past nine and still light!) and there are many fantastic summery things going on.

The newt colonies

The newt colonies

Although I love the winter this summer is looking to be nice, hot and relaxed. Today I had a great day reminiscing of my childhood by catching newts from my friends pond. Don’t worry, we weren’t being nasty to the newts. My friend is attempting to clear his pond and start it over again as the whole thing has filled up with newt excrement and invasive weed and now looks cloudy and smells funny. In order to clear out his pond we first had to remove all the newts which proved to be rather difficult as there were hundreds. I had loads of fun catching them in my net and transporting them to their new ‘newt colonies’.

Meganewt - King of all Newts

Meganewt - King of all Newts

There was one newt, who seemed to be rather elusive. I first spotted him and dubbed him ‘meganewt’ due to the fact he seemed to be several times bigger than the others. At first my friends believed me but the soon lost interest when he was nowhere to be found. He was like the Loch Ness monster. They wanted to believe in him but had to see him for themselves. Eventually we did catch him though, the sneaky beast.

I think its important to note we also befriended a frog and named him Jeremy, although he was camera shy.

After this we had some well deserved rest and sunbathed in the garden, before visiting the park to sit around and eat watermelon and watch the tennis players. Is it just me or does Wimbledon make everyone want to become a pro tennis player? There were hoards of people at the tennis courts today and sadly most of them were awful (not that I could do much better!)

Me and Cherry

Me and Cherry

Fran x


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