She’s Fresh!

Freshers school discoWell, would you believe it, I’m finally here in Manchester!

After realising Thursday night that I only had one day to pack up my entire life and move five hours away I thought I better get on with the packing! Trying to organise eighteen years of possessions can be difficult enough for anyone, but it was made even harder by the fact that I am not only a complete slob when it comes to organising anything, but that I am also easily distracted.

So, bright and early (is it ever bright in England? Well, it is in Kent, unlike Manchester where the sky is always grey) on Saturday morning we set off with a car full to the brim with stuff. Stuff. Essential stuff of course. I have to admit I was a little worried that my three suitcases of clothes weren’t going to fit into my uni halls wardrobe, but on arriving I was pleasantly surprised as the room is probably bigger than the one I left! However having to carry all my belongings up six flights of stairs was not enjoyable!

Freshers started off as expected with a trip to all the local bars we could find. Probably didn’t turn out quite as well as we expected as most other students weren’t moving in until the following day and Manchester was pretty ‘dead’ as Freshers Week goes. Still, we found somewhere!

When people tell you that Freshers Week is a night where everyone goes out every night they really weren’t joking. Every day we had at least three people knocking on our door offering us tickets for somewhere or other, which did start to prove difficult when ten people are incapable of making a decision of where to go! Lakota on Sunday was really enjoyable, the school disco at the Met (possibly the worst students union in the whole country) was not.

I think all that can be said on the matter if that, as bad as it sounds, alcohol really is the best way to let loose, especially when you’re surrounded by people you hardly know! Its the thing that makes us walk to the pizza shop in our pajamas with a garland on our head, the thing that makes us crack open a glowstick and attempt to paint ourselves with it, and the thing that makes us decide playing scrabble at 4am is ever a good thing.


~ by franhaselden on September 28, 2009.

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