DECODE: Digital Design Sensations

Today I went to a fantastic exhibition at the V&A about digital design and interactive art.

Decode: Digital Design Sensations showcases the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small, screen-based, graphics to large-scale interactive installations. The exhibition includes works by established international artists and designers such as Daniel Brown, Golan Levin, Daniel Rozin, Troika and Karsten Schmidt. The exhibition features both existing works and new commissions created especially for the exhibition.

DECODE runs in the Porter Gallery from 8th December 2009 until 11th April 2010.

The exhibition was separated into three distinctive sections. The first; Code; explored the ways in which computer code could be used to create new visually exciting work. This included specially designed computer programs which were capable of creating visually aesthetic images which can constantly change. All of these different visual outcomes are created using nothing but the very basics of computer programming, binary.

The second section looked at networks and the way that information and communication technology has allowed us to create new works based on real people being connected via the world wide web. Such websites as We Feel Fine allow you to search for tweets and to divide them between age, gender and even the ‘feelings’ they contain, all through a visually exciting medium.

Rhys with the UV scanner

Rhys with the UV scanner

The final, and probably most fun section concerned itself with interactivity. In this section all the exhibits contained some sort of user interactivity which meant you could control the way the art looked. There were many things such as a table full of sand which could be ‘parted’ to created small pools of ‘liquid’ where strange computerised lifeforms would gather and grow, great fun for feeling like playing God! There were also motion sensitive canvases where you could throw paint splashes at a wall, or use a real hairdryer to blow imaginary fluff off a giant computerised dandelion clock, plus an amazing laser scanner that would scan a rough outline of your own face and display it on the wall in front of you!

My face, on exhibition in the V&A! You'd never believe it

My face, on exhibition in the V&A! You'd never believe it

All in all this was a really great exhibition for showing us what modern technology can actually do to create visually exciting art. While some might see technology as something that is blocking the traditional art methods, others take it on in an attempt to manipulate and take advantage of this new technology in a fun and interesting way, with sometimes unlikely outcomes!

(I should also add that my lovely boyfriend gladly followed me round this exhibition and took me for a lovely day out in London afterwards, here is a picture of him in his new hat which we bought at a lovely little market along Piccadilly!)

Rhys attempts to dress like a spy

Rhys attempts to dress like a spy


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