Beyond the Barricade

Well, I just couldn’t resist blogging about this, but yesterday evening I got to see my favourite musical for the third time. Les Miserables is the worlds longest running musical and I can see why, I just adore it!

Stage curtain

Stage curtain

The show was excellent as always. Especially Eponine (Nancy Sullivan), although I may be biased as she is my dream character! I’d love to play Eponine! Also Enroljas (David Thaxton) was excellent and gave a really powerful performance that really carried the second act, and he isn’t usually one of my favourite characters. At first I found Javert to be a bit stiff but in Act Two he really played his part and was excellent, but then I think that usually happens with Javert due to his tough character.


Queens Theatre

Queens Theatre

I tried not to cry, but I welled up at every song with Eponine in. One Day More was really hard hitting. I blubbed properly when Gavroche got shot and also at the scene when the barricade turns round and shows Enroljas draped over the flag dead, that bit always gets me, and at the end I cried during the standing ovation just out of pure excitement and emotion overload!

I’d urge anyone who hasn’t seen this show to go. It truly is a tragic but beautiful story. I’d go again tomorrow if I could!


~ by franhaselden on April 4, 2010.

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