Have a pheasant plucking day

No, we didn’t shoot any pheasants. Just targets, and I don’t think they hit them very well either.

Gerrard Street (Chinatown)

Gerrard Street (Chinatown)

I started off my lovely excursion with a trip to Uxbridge, which is, as they say ‘better than it sounds’. About an hour on the tube from Central it really didn’t feel like London at all, and had loads of cute little shops and cafes in the centre.

National Theatre by night

National Theatre by night

Wednesday evening we went for a long stroll along Waterloo Bridge (rather like Terry and Julie?) which is absolutely beautiful at night. From the bridge you’ve got a view of the Thames, OXO Tower, National Theatre, Parliament, St Pauls, The Eye and The Gherkin, and a tiny glimpse of Canary Wharf in the distance.

Friday night we went to see Phantom of the Opera (as I have already blogged about separately) which was of course amazing. Friday evening we journeyed back to my home of Tonbridge, narrowly avoiding buying tickets by pretending to be asleep when the ticket man stopped by!

Attempting to hit something

Attempting to hit something

Saturday I introduced Rhys to my friends James, Josh and Hillier with a meal at the Barn in Tunbridge Wells, and on Sunday took Rhys along to my Grandparents house where he seemed to find an instant affinity with my Grandad over guns, or other such manly things which I try to stay out of. Monday morning they spent a while shooting targets in the garden (and apparently not doing too great.) On Monday I took Rhys for a tour around Sevenoaks and Otford. Whilst perusing my Grandparents antique centre Rhys decided to buy an antique BB gun (to complete the spy look, I assume) and spent the evening almost shooting holes through my dining-room wall.

Tuesday it was time for me to return to Manchester for university (I have fooled myself that I will do some work before I start again on Monday) and I decided to get the megabus, a strange and new concept. After narrowly missing my train from Borough Green to London by a few minutes (hindered by a longing for prawn mayo sandwiches and old ladies who can’t count their change properly) we had to RUN to the coach station, with not even a minute to spare. Running with a suitcase and many other bags is really rather tiring, which is perhaps why I slept for the majority of the 4 1/2 hour journey. All together it wasn’t that bad, but the train is so much nicer!

Rhys in front of the River Medway, Tonbridge Castle in the background

Rhys in front of the River Medway, Tonbridge Castle in the background

Its nice to be back at uni, but it is awfully quiet. Only two of my nine flatmates are back and the entire of Manchester seems like a ghost town. I’m looking forward to my friend Helens visit next week and then hopefully Rhys can come visit the sights of Manchester uni (if there are any?) So maybe we will have an update in a few!


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