A Soggy Weekend

I’ve been a bit behind on my blog the last week or so, sorry! I’ve been fairly busy with visits and big decisions etc. Firstly and most importantly, I’ve decided to drop out of university before I finish my foundation course. I don’t want to bore anyone looking at this nice upbeat blog with tails of misery, but essentially the course wasn’t for me and I was feeling miserable about it all. I’ve decided to drop out and re-evaluate life essentially. But enough about that. You’re expecting tales of a soggy weekend!

So Rhys came up to visit Manchester on Tuesday evening, and we spent a glorious two days in not so glorious weather around Manchester. Wednesday was a vintage shopping extravaganza down Oldham Street, my favourite shopping area of Manchester. There are so many great vintage shops, second-hand shops and general charity shops. My favourite is Oxfam Originals, which gets all the best vintage clothes from all over the country in one place. Its a little more pricey than most charity shops but there are some great things to be had! Rhys was immediately drawn to the large collection of tweed jackets and ended up leaving with this lovely one (pictured right) for £25, and the tie too!

nomnom - food at the Lass O'Gowrie in ManchesterThursday we had a bit of a disaster when we didn’t manage to get onto our booked coach back to London, man I hate megabus! I didn’t have my confirmation number so they wouldn’t let me on, despite having ID and my name on their list. Grr. I hate megabus, but you get what you pay for really. So we ended up spending some more time in Manchester and visited one of my favourite tea shops Teacup on Thomas Street. I love it. You can get a really big pot of tea for two people for just £2.50 and they have gorgeous cup cakes and sandwiches.

On Saturday, back in London, we spent the day hopping around. The tubes have been down for engineering all weekend which made life very difficult, but we found some good stuff to do. Getting off at Holborn and taking a wander through the town we ended up getting caught up in the International Worker’s Day Parade which was a surreal experience, before popping over to a bookshop called Magma. (They have one of these on Oldham Street in Manchester too! What a coincidence!)

Picture courtesy of my friend Adam Smith. See more on his Flickr page here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gingerblokey

This was when the weekend got really soggy. I mean really really soggy. We were in Covent Garden hiding under the shelter because the rain was so heavy, but decided to make a run for it to Covent Garden station. Not a good idea when the tubes are down. Within a few seconds of running we were all drenched, also not good when you have a pair of ballet pumps on, and a wool jacket. By that time we were wet and soggy anyway so decided to just walk in the rain round to Piccadilly and go home 😦 Which suited me fine anyway, as Doctor Who was on! (Excellent episode by the way!)

Michael Caine got a cloning machine for his birthday and wanted to clone his favourite garment often worn by the people of Fiji as a skirt, but it went wrong and he said “Sulus thousands of them”


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