Woah! Where on earth have I been?

I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog the last few months! Gah! Its been such a busy busy time.

Long story short, I’m back at university after leaving Manchester School of Art in April. Somehow I managed to get into my ideal course through clearing, so I’m now studying Multimedia Technology and Design BSc at University of Kent in Canterbury. Its the course I should have always done and I’m loving (most of) it so much! (The most of being the horror of learning C programming.)

So I’m now living in lovely Canterbury, just ten minutes walk from the cathedral. Canterbury is a lovely city, very small but with hundreds of vintage shops and cute little places to eat. My favourite place so far is a little restaurant called Cafe Boho on the high street which is ALWAYS packed! Plus there is a great vintage shop called Revivals which sells so many tweed jackets you would not believe (and ABBA costume, living history stuff, piles of vintage scarves and jewellery and more! Plus they gave us a free scarf when Rhys bought his new leather coat!) Definitely a place to visit, and there are so many charity shops around full of amazing stuff.

I’m also attempting to brush up on my photography skills whilst I’m here, had my first taste of studio photography today, it didn’t go all that well but still managed to come out with some good shots at the end of it. I’ll probably be uploading some more stuff as I’m really trying to learn some new skills and step away from just being a snappy photographer.

Anyway, I really should stop neglecting this so much and keep writing like I used to, not that anyone reads it, hey ho.


~ by franhaselden on November 8, 2010.

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