Embroidery – William Morris flower

Sooo, I haven’t done any embroidery since I was about 9, when I used to manage to sew my sampler to my skirt almost every lesson. Someone alerted me to the site Needle n’ Thread which is just a great place to get started, the stitch videos are great!

I really wanted to try sewing a monogram/some initials but it just wasn’t working out, so I thought I’d try on a bigger easier design, and this is the result! The petals and centre are made using a satin stitch and the dots around the outside are french knots (which were quite easy even though they look difficult!)

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome for a first try, I’m hoping I can keep practicing and get the stitches a little neater so I can try out embroidering some designs onto clothes and the likes.


~ by franhaselden on January 14, 2011.

One Response to “Embroidery – William Morris flower”

  1. Great embroidery! I love the Needle’n’Thread website, will deffo be using that!

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