Waistcoat for Rhys

The last week I’ve been working on this waistcoat for Rhys, using Burda pattern 7799.

The waistcoat is made using what I believe is worsted wool, which I bought from Abakhan Fabrics in Manchester years ago and use to make my Jenny skirt last year. The back of the waistcoat is polyester taffeta and its lined with a brown anti-static lining.

The waistcoat also features a welt pocket which was very complicated to make! I used wzrdreams one-piece welt pocket tutorial from Burda Style. It took me a practice to get it right and I still struggled with some of the steps, but I think the pocket on the final garment worked OK, although I chose to only do one breast pocket as I did not want to do a pocket across the dart seams.

After I made this garment I decided to have a go at making a quick scarf to match. This is made

using fabric I found in a tiny shop on Brick Lane. It took about 15 minutes and I think they look great together!

Pattern Review

I used Burda’s 7799 Mens Waistcoat pattern, the pattern was odd and I

haven’t sewn a commercial Burda pattern before so I found the instructions quite complicated. I decided not to do the pockets as specified but did the welt pocket instead. The pattern also did not contain any instructions for lining, which threw me completely! So instead I had to draft a piece for the inside lining and add the facing to it. I then sewed the entire waistcoat again in lining fabric but left a slit in the centre back seam, sewed all around the edges before turning it through the slit.

Overall this pattern is great if you can figure out how to make a waistcoat and are OK with basics like darts and buttonholes, anything else and it might be a bit lacking. To be honest I only read the instructions briefly before deciding I’d rather do it on my own initiative. It worked out far easier than I thought and I only had to unpick one seam! 😛


~ by franhaselden on January 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “Waistcoat for Rhys”

  1. Hi, I’m sewing the 7799 for myself now and am absolutely flummoxed by the instructions for these pockets. Did you by chance ever decipher what was intended? I’m pretty much feeling like going with a pair of single welt waist pockets would be the way to go, but I tend to like to at least TRY to follow the pattern first.

  2. Hello, working on the same pattern myself – how did you construct/draft the lining in the end??

    • Hi! I created a lining exactly the same as the main pattern, apart from the facing. I redrew out the front piece into two pieces (divided in half, with 1.5cm seam allowance added to that split.) Then cut the front part out of the right-side fabric and the inside out of the lining to create a lining piece with a facing on the front. There are several tutorials for lining waistcoats so have a google and you should find some help with that!

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